Real-time Snow Data.

Helps you keeping your customers safe.,increasing your product value., engaging your customers., creating great user experiences., staying ahead of competitors.

Snow cover, snow depth and avalanche risk real-time data so that your users can safely enjoy the outdoors.

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European Space Agency
WSL institue for Snow and Avalanche Research SLF
What benefits it brings you

The most advanced Snow Monitoring service

1. Inform

Show your customers where the snow is, at their area of interest. Help them prepare & stay safe.

2. Engage

Become the key reference for your customers with unique real-time & accurate data.

3. Grow

Adapt your marketing efforts to the snow conditions to grow even off-season.

4. Monetize

Differentiate with daily valuable snow data to convert your users into loyal customers.

Who can benefit from DeFROST?

Key Figures

The Impact of Snow

of mountain accidents relate to snow
$ M
are lost by the snowsports industry on low snow years
are killed or injured yearly in car crashes due to snow (U.S.A.)
of weather-related car crashes are provoked by snow

Sources: REI, Swiss Alpine Club, US Federal Highway Administration

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Car accidents are more likely on snow-covered roads, mostly when drivers are unprepared.

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Outdoor Sports

Small and unexpected snow patches, which persist through the summer, cause serious accidents.

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Property & Insurance

Accumulated snow damage roofs and make both the owners and insurers incur losses.

What DeFROST provides you

Map Service DeFROST API

Choose between integrating yourself in 3 simple steps cross-platform or using our stand alone solution for tourism offices.

  • Snow data every 24h
  • Up to 20m resolution
  • 3-step integration
  • Generous free tier
  • Global coverage
  • Validated accuracy
  • Cross-platform support

How does snow impact your business?

Harness the power of real-time snow data to engage your customers with unique and insightful experiences.

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