Terrain Insights for Great Outdoor Experiences

We process satellite and ground data to give you daily terrain status so that your users safely enjoy the outdoors

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Optimize your operations and promotion efforts: daily updated data on terrain conditions that matter.

  • Snow cover at 30m resolution
  • Feasibility Index per activity
  • Snow Depth and Avalanche Risk
  • Outdoors DMO Management
  • Integrate with 3rd party apps
  • API and Web Tile Map Service

Outdoors Tourism goes Digital

Only the most up to date information can help you taking the right decissions indoors, and your users outdoors: decissions that can save lifes.


Helping DMOs and Outdoor Platforms.

Prevent accidents by avoiding dangerous trails. Cut costs by monitoring a region in a cheaper and more effective way. Efficiently share and collaborate on terrain and infrastructure issues. Optimize promotion efforts by boosting only feasible activities at the right time. Differentiate yourself with premium services for your users.

We work with the best

DeFROST has the support of multiple, high-profile organizations as an innovative project revolutionizing outdoors tourism.

European Space Agency
WSL institue for Snow and Avalanche Research SLF

How it works

Every 24h we process ESA and NASA satellite and ground station data to uncover terrain conditions and risks. Our algorithms calculate a Feasibility Index per trail and activity type.

Satellite data

Every day, we acquire the latest optical and radar data from the Sentinel, Landsat, VIIRS and MODIS family of satellites (operated by NASA and ESA).

Ground data

At the same time, thanks to our partners, we gather ground observer station data on weather and terrain conditions, such as rainfall and snow depth.

Machine Learning

Models on elevation, solar radiation, river catchments and other features give us the context needed to teach the computer to process the data.


A complex geographical data merging and processing algorithm searches for specific terrain conditions on the data acquired: e.g. snow cover, river flows or landslides.


For difficult areas covered by clouds or dense forests, a extrapolation-based statistical algorithm calculates the most likely conditions.

Feasibility Analysis

Based on the terrain conditions and weather forecast, a Feasibility Index is obtained for each trail and type of outdoor activity to be practiced.

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